The Newbie Team

While guiding their non-Swedish friends and family through the process of settling down in Sweden, the founders of The Newbie Guide to Sweden realized there was a lack of support for newbies in the public. Primarily because of language barriers but the scattered nature of information was not making things any better!

So, the founders decided to bridge this information gap by offering guidance, easy to understand information and insider tips on one single platform. And thus with the hope of making immigration of Newbies to Sweden warmer and more conducive, the Newbie Guide to Sweden was born.

The Newbie Guide boasts a team with both international and Swedish perspectives, which helps provide Newbies with a more holistic view of Swedish society.


Isadora Spoerer

Isadora Spoerer, Co-founder

Isadora is a co-founder, project and communication manager & content producer at the Newbie Guide to Sweden. She is passionate about research and in presenting the most user-friendly and informative content to all newcomers in Sweden. A political scientist by education, Isadora currently shuttles between living in Berlin and Stockholm. Passionate about politics and sustainability she managed to abstain from getting a smart phone until 2015!


Julieta Spoerer

Julieta Spoerer

Julieta Spoerer, Co-founder,

Julieta is a co-founder, CEO, copywriter and marketing manager at The Newbie Guide to Sweden. Julieta got the initial idea to The Newbie Guide almost a decade ago thanks to the lack of a surname on a door.  Another feather in her cap is Caligraph Communication AB, a digital communications company she started in 2011. An avid book reader, Julieta happily rereads books many times and loves to travel but hates to fly.


Garance Legrand

Garance Legrand, Founding Team Member

Garance joined the Newbie team early on and brought with her French flair and a head for data. With specialization in monitoring and evaluation, Garance is passionate about data driven business development and also spearheads sales and partnerships for The Newbie Guide to Sweden. Garance is a yoga practitioner with a great love for chitenge fashion, thanks to her years in Zambia.