Finding a accomodation in Sweden can be a challange. Here we walk you through be basics of the rental market and give you some tips and tricks that will make your search for a place to call home smother and faster.
How to find accomodation in Sweden
Why is it so difficult to find accommodation in Sweden and what can you do to improve your changes on the rental market?
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How to write an outstanding rental application
One essential step in the process of getting hold of an apartment or room is to write an outstanding rental application.
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Emergency rental solutions
Just arrived or about to arrive? Finding a place to stay is an urgent matter for most newcomers.
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How to avoid fraud
Rental frauds have become increasingly common during the last years in Sweden. So how do you avoid them?
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What do I do when I don't get my deposit back?
Many landlords ask for a deposit that is to be returned once the tenancy ends. But what do you do if you don’t get your deposit back?
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