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Undutchables is looking for international talents: Are you the one?

Undutchables specializes on recruiting international talent for positions in international companies and organizations. After successfully growing their business in the Netherlands they are now expanding to Sweden. We met up with Karin Björkman, proud owner of Undutchables Sweden, to ask her what kind of talent they are looking for and why companies benefit from hiring […]

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Liam, Syria

Liam arrived in Sweden in September 2014 and is currently studying an international baccalaureate in Västerås. He is one of our star volunteers, patiently translating the best content of the Newbie Guide to Arabic! He is also one of the most energetic and generous person we have gotten to meet, as he is volunteering with a lot […]

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Kholiud, Lebanon


Kholiud is from Lebanon and she arrived in Sweden with her husband and young son in January of 2016. What is your story and how did you end up in Sweden? We came as asylum seekers as me and my husband had done a silent revolution against the regime and religious people and as a result achieved the first civil […]

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Jyoti, India


Jyoti came from India to Sweden in January 2016. She was then living in Bangalore with her husband, they worked non stop, had no kids and were generally enjoying their lived. But they both had a desire to travel the world and so when they got the opportunity to work in Sweden, they decided to take […]

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Odra, Guatemala


Odra is from Guatemala and came to Sweden in September 2016 as she had fallen in love with Tomas, an amazing Swedish guy. We started by asking her what she found hard to adjust to. My home country has very generous weather so the hardest part is the long, cold and dark winter. And obviously being […]

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