“Learning Swedish isn’t difficult”

If you’re planning on moving to Sweden, you have to start learning Swedish. Yes, Swedes are very good at English, but you really have to know Swedish for many small things! You probably saw the term SFI often, or svenska för invandrare, on many websites. These are free Swedish courses provided by the government, however, […]

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Books that will increase your understanding of Sweden

Books have the ability to open up unknown worlds and adventures for the readers. Newbie blogger Sam introduces two books that deepen his understanding of Sweden, the Swedes and their cultural codex.  The Imigrants by Vilhelm Moberg; A Historical Perspective with modern relevance for Newbies The epic trilogy “The Imigrants” by Vilhelm Moberg is widely available in […]

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Why It’s Awesome Living Outside Of Stockholm

When we first moved to Sweden, like many foreigners, we landed in Stockholm. We were lucky enough to live the city life for a full six months (thanks to my husband’s employer). We spent every weekend exploring neighborhoods, discovering the best playgrounds and playspaces in the museums, and becoming a connoisseur of child-friendly cafes and […]

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