MINE – Mentorship, Inspiration, Networking & Education

Presented by MINE MINE is a non-profit member organisation, based in Malmö, striving to increase and embrace diversity on the Swedish job market, reduce inequalities and enforce sustainable development and economic growth. They currently have two programs aimed towards foreign-born talent – the “Be a friend of MINE”- Mentoring Program and the internship program called Samspelet.  Both programs […]

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Register your business

In collaboration with StartUp Marketing Sweden Once you have confirmed that your business is a good idea and you are ready to do the pre-launch formalities, your next stop needs to be As per EU law, is the “Swedish Point of Single Contact” –meaning that everything is there that you need to get […]

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Market Validation

In collaboration with StartUp Marketing Sweden Around 96% of businesses shut down within 10 years of opening, which might be fine if you are looking to make some quick money, but if you want to build a strong, stable, brand and business that will become your career, you need to research the local market and […]

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Build a network with ÖppnaDörren

ÖppnaDörren has one simple but powerful goal: making newcomers and Swedes meet. They are convinced that many of the challenges newcomers face during their initial time in Sweden can be overcome, if newcomers are enabled to build social and professional networks at an early stage. Since the launch of ÖppnaDörren in November 2015, they have […]

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Stop applying for jobs and get your dream job

Did you know that 80% of all jobs in Sweden are never publicly advertised, just mediated through contacts? This is why Diversitas developed a unique recruitment method, based on giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself to employers and make the contacts that lead to real jobs. Presented by Diversitas Access Diversitas wide network Diversitas […]

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