New on the Swedish work market? Unsure on how to tackle the job search? Don´t worry. Here you learn about your rights and duties, your networking opportunities and what support you can get in your job search. Good luck!
Find a job
Looking for a job? Feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure on where to start? No worries. Here you learn how to kick start your job search.
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Labour legislation
Labour laws are quite evolved in Sweden and you are – as employee – protected by these laws. Make sure you know your rights.
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Networking & support
There are many organisations out there that can help you in your work search. Don´t miss out on these opportunities.
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The Swedish labour market
What´s the Swedish labour market like? How hard is it to find employment? And where are workers needed? Learn it all here.
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There is no good way to loose your job. But there are better and worse ways. Learn the difference between “uppsagd” and “avskedad”.
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Overtime & public holidays
Swedes usually have more days off in May and June than most Americans have in a whole year. Nice, right?
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The Newbie Work Guide
Searching for a job can be both frustrating and fascinating. The aim of this guide is to guide you through this process.
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