16 February, 2019

The best second-hands in Stockholm not only for fashion-lovers

How to buy good quality stuff in Sweden and not go into the red? – asked everyone who at least once in life visited NK or Åhléns. But take it easy. New is not always better and every Swede knows about it. Even though the majority of Swedes do not complain about their finances, they love good-quality, second-hand objects and they often choose them over the brand-new ones. So let yourself immerse in this second-hand culture and look up the best second-hands in Stockholm which sell the objects with history.

118 Second Läder

According to Eva, founder of 118 Second Läder, the best way to define her store is to look at her Instagram account. Eva mends and restores old leather garments. 118 Second Läder, founded in 1986, is open from Thursday to Sunday. The enchanting thing for me about her store is reusing the leather goods and decreasing the negative sides of leather overproduction.


Bukowskis is a Scandinavian art and antique auction house established in 1870 by the Polish nobleman Henryk Bukowski. Nowadays is the biggest auction house in the whole Scandinavia. If you are looking for good quality art and design, do not hesitate. In Bukowskis, you can find both objects from modern designers and antiquities with a long history. You can buy for a fixed price or bid (in both cases you’ll need a credit card).

Stockholm Stadsmissionen

Shopping and helping at the same time? Why not! In Stockholm Stadsmissionen you don’t have to worry about the ethical side of the business. When buying new clothes in Stadsmissionen, you recycle, reuse and do not harm environmental resources. As it’s said at the website, second-hand clothes do not contain as many chemicals as the new ones. You also contribute to improving the living standard of many people that Stadsmissionen takes care of. The other plus is the accessibility of Stadsmissionen boutiques: you may find the stores in almost every location in Stockholm.


When talking about second-hand trading, loppis could not be forgotten. Flea markets are known for variation in quality and price, but it does not mean it is not worth to try. Saturdays and Sundays are market days not only in Stockholm but also in most of the Swedish cities. A flea market is a lovely place to find clothes, shoes and accessories, but also books, home interior and toys. Sometimes there are loppis organized by the neighbour communities where everyone is allowed to buy and sell. The most popular way of payment at loppis is Swish.

Do you have a favourite second-hand shop in Stockholm or anywhere else in Sweden? Share it with us in the comments!

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