25 May, 2016

20-, 50- and 1 000 kronor notes expire june 30th


If you are the kind of person who still likes to carry cash around or perhaps have been keeping your savings in a mattress or any hiding place of choice – then you need to exchange them before june 30th 2016.

Sweden is getting new coins and bank notes during 2015 and 2016 and next up to be exchanged are the  20-, 50- and 1 000 kronor bills. The bank bills will get new designs and security features and the coins will be smaller and lighter.

How does the notes exchange happen?

Swedens central bank, called Riksbanken is responsible for the country’s supply of bank notes and coins and all banks pick up and drop off their bank notes at the Central Banks office. Banks, or their agents wil then distribute banknotes and coins to shops and  the public.


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