26 July, 2018

5 Pregnancy Essentials in Sweden

As you are no doubt aware, pregnancy is one of the moments when you have a mixed feeling. You’re happy, of course, but most of the time, you’re anxious. Especially if you’re pregnant while away from home. Therefore, knowing these pregnancy essentials in Sweden might be a little helpful.

1. Important Contacts

Being pregnant in Sweden means getting involved in another Swedish bureaucracy. This also means you need to follow the system and the procedure. To be able to do this, make sure you always save the important contact information during your pregnancy journey. These include your midwife’s phone and email, woman hospital, ambulance, etc.

Kindly remember that in Sweden, you cannot just show up in the clinic or hospital whenever you feel like it.

2. Vitamins

Depending on where you’re from and your general condition, you might need to take extra vitamins during your pregnancy in Sweden. For example, you may need to take vitamin D if you’re pregnant during winter, iron, or any other pregnancy supplements. Consult your midwife for the best advice.

3. Apps

Technology is part of Swedish everyday life. So, don’t be surprised to receive some apps recommendation on your first appointment with your midwife. They may range from pregnancy apps to exercise apps. Most of them are in Swedish, but you can find some in English too or has an English option at least. I’m currently using Pregnancy+, Tät and MammaMage. The last two were recommended by my midwife.

4. Diary/Journal

In Sweden, all your pregnancy records are saved online in a database. Thus, having your own record to keep track on your pregnancy is important. Write down your appointments, progress, important dates, worries, feelings, pregnancy notes, and anything related to your pregnancy in a journal or diary. This is particularly crucial when you traveled outside Sweden during your pregnancy and needed to see a midwife/gynaecologist who doesn’t have access to your database.

5. Patience

Settling down in a new place while having a bun in the oven can be a real hassle sometimes. Especially if everything is very different from your original country.

In Sweden, the key is to get into the system.

Once you’ve got there, just be patient, follow the procedure, and enjoy your pregnancy journey! You can find more information about being pregnant in Sweden here.

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Hayu Hamemayu
Hayu Hamemayu is a Lund-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Jakarta Post, Media Indonesia, Kompas, Majalah Kartini, and Indonesia Travel Magazine among others. A traveller mommy by nature and random thinker by inclination, she keeps memories in her Instagram @hayuhamemayu and writes her everyday stories in her blog.

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