12 June, 2017

5 things to expect when pregnant in Sweden

Being a Newbie, I was a bit nervous and scared when I discovered I was pregnant. Not because I wasn’t prepared to be pregnant but because I was far away from my family and I didn’t know what to expect. Even though I still have a few weeks left to meet my little one, I have discovered some many things about being pregnant in Sweden. This might be useful to any Newbie planning to get pregnant, already pregnant and nervous like me or just anyone wondering what being pregnant in Sweden is like.

There are a lot of beautiful things to know about your clinic when you get pregnant in Sweden. I have picked out the top 5 things that were the most fascinating to me.

1. Generally just one ultrasound

It was very strange and worrisome for me when my midwife told me at 10 weeks that I would only have one official ultrasound. I used the word ‘official’ because this ultrasound is funded by the government and you don’t have to pay for it. However, if you cannot wait till week 18 like me, you can opt for a private ultrasound (cost depends on how far you are in your pregnancy).

The official ultrasound is generally done around 18th week and called fetal morphology or anomaly scan. The scan takes a close look at your baby and your uterus (womb). The person carrying out the scan will check that:

  • your baby is developing normally
  • see where the placenta is lying in your uterus
  • and tell you the gender of the baby (if you wish to know)

2. Your first appointment is around week 8-10

So, you take a pregnancy test, it turns out positive and out of excitement you call your health centre to inform them about the good news. Then you expect an appointment with a nurse the very next day? Sorry, but that is not the way it works in Sweden.  Instead, you will be directed to a midwife who will ask you a few questions like “when was your last menstrual day?” and “how do you feel?”. Based on your answers you will get your appointment, probably around week 8 or thereabout. This doesn’t mean that you cannot call your midwife before the appointment if needed.

For me, I had my first appointment at week 10 which was fine since I didn’t have any complications or major sickness to worry about.

3. Your midwife does more or less everything

It was a bit puzzling to me when I discovered I might not be meeting a doctor throughout my pregnancy (in case I don’t have any complications).

This was puzzling to me because I am used to the system of seeing a doctor for most of my consultations and questions. I have been meeting my midwife all through the pregnancy journey and I can say that I have been nicely attended to by my midwife and it has truly been awesome for me.

4. Antenatals are free of charge

As a first time mom, I had a lot of worries and concerns. I also had to plan my budget so I wouldn’t get unnecessarily worked up before the baby’s arrival. So it was important to know about hospital costs, but I was amazed, happy and surprised when my midwife told me that I didn’t have to pay for any of my visits.

I knew you get the free health care system after you’ve reached a certain payment threshold during a year, but I thought it would not be the case for a pregnancy,  but, it’s totally free and you don’t have to worry about any bills. So for any pregnant Newbie it’s good to let you know that, as long as you are a resident and have a personnummer, you are entitled to free antenatals throughout your pregnancy.

5. Listening to your Baby’s Heartbeat

This has been the best part of my pregnancy. I love to meet my midwife simply because from the beginning of my second trimester, we always listen to the baby’s heartbeat rate to be sure everything is going properly.

This has been an emotional experience for me every time I listen to the heartbeat and wished I could listen to the heartbeat every day, over and over again. A handheld Doppler will be used to do this and it is just very beautiful.

There are other things to know about being pregnant in Sweden such as:

  • You will be assigned a health centre near your home, where you will do your check- ups.
  • Your blood pressure, and salt level will amongst other be checked on every health check appointment.

However, I have only listed my own top 5 which I found either strange, amazing or fascinating. I hope this will help a pregnant Newbie or anyone curious to know about to what to expect from the clinic in Sweden when you get pregnant.

Written by: Wemimo Ibidunmoye

My name is Wemi and I recently moved to the Northern part of Sweden (Umeå) with my husband. I’m originally from Nigeria and I blog at where I share a bit about everything such as living in Sweden, motherhood, hacks, tips, life experiences amongst others. My hobbies are reading, writing, making new friends and listening to music.

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10 Comments on “5 things to expect when pregnant in Sweden

Lola Valentine
16 June, 2017 at 11:01

This sounds very similar to pregnancy care in New Zealand (where I’ve recently moved to Umeå from).

Wemimo Ibidunmoye
16 June, 2017 at 13:23

Interesting to know that there are similarities between New Zealand and Umea. Welcome to Umea btw, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Marti Parker
16 June, 2017 at 19:31

On a negative note, there are different midwives for prenatal care and actual delivery. You may, or may not, see the same midwife during pregnancy. But when you get to the hospital to deliver, you will meet a stranger.

Wemimo Ibidunmoye
22 June, 2017 at 19:24

Yeah right, that can really be a little weird though after getting used to some midwife during the antenatal. But I would say generally, it cannot be perfect so this can be categorized into some of the negatives like you said.

25 July, 2017 at 22:28

Nice blog and usefull information!! Keep up the good work

Wemimo Ibidunmoye
31 July, 2017 at 23:22

Thank you Karthi

4 August, 2017 at 00:06

Thanks for the good iformation
I really want someone to tell me where can i find a private ultrasound clinic in göteborg or borås ??

15 August, 2017 at 09:12

Hi Anna,

I found out Borås does not have a private ultrasound clinic. You will have to go to Göteborg. In the end I didn’t get one sorry I can not be more help. Good Luck.

25 March, 2018 at 12:04

hi , please can you tell me where in Göteborg to have a private ultarsound clinic ? thx

23 November, 2017 at 21:55

Can someone please tell me how much a private ultrasound cost if you are about 7 weeks? Thank you in advance


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