9 February, 2017

6 things you should know when becoming a parent in Sweden

We have prepared an informative list for you who are parents-to-be (or considering to grow the family).

1. Pregnant Newbie in Sweden: First Steps Pregnant


Newbie Jessica Arifianto shares her experience on several steps of becoming a parent, including confirming pregnancy, choosing between public and private systems, midwives, first appointments, and birth location.

2. Giving birth in Sweden: an introduction to Newbie moms

Giving birth

In Sweden, parents are offered guided tours at hospitals so they can feel more familiar with the whole process of giving birth. You get information on what to pack in the hospital bags, pain relief methods, c-section rates, and more. Check it out!

3. Maternity care in Sweden

Newbie Wafa Saif tells us what she has experienced during pregnancy (appointments, laboratory tests, ultrasounds, etc), what the vårdcentralen is, and some of the procedures regarding newborn care.

4. Svenska for Children, Immersion or Bilingual Education?


This time Jessica talks about how to adapt kids to the Swedish language. Here comes a minor spoiler: “kids are sponges, immersion works”, she says. Curious? Take a look!

5. Making the most of your Parental Leave

parental leave

“When you see 480 days to be divided between you and your partner, you may think that you have all of the time in the world. In reality, your time with your baby will fly by.” Newbie Lisa Ferland shares 6 steps to take your parental leave wisely.

6. Why it’s awesome living outside of Stockholm

Lisa lists several reasons about why her family loves their “small-not-Stockholm-town” and the advantages for children.

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