7 September, 2020

7 ways to stay productive while at home

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With the new normality that is covid19, we are limiting our time in public and spending more time at home. It makes sense then to use this time at home to be productive with the things that are meaningful to us. Here are seven ideas to stay active while at home.

Learn a new hobby: Online courses

Online courses have experienced a boom during the COVID pandemic. It gives the opportunity to learn something new at your pace and from the comfort of the sofa.

Regardless of your reason, if it is for pleasure or to help you achieve your career goals, the benefits of online learning are endless!

There are many platforms offering courses on pretty much everything: Domestika offers online courses on art, design, and marketing. It is budget-friendly and simple to follow. Udemy also offers courses on IT and software, business, or personal development. Coursera is mostly academic with access to university courses.

Read that classic you always wanted to read

Muhammad Haikal Sjukri  (Unsplash)

You have always wanted to read that book but never had the time. There are no excuses now! So make yourself a cup of tea, cosy up on the sofa and start reading!

Are you looking for some book inspiration? We made a list of books to help you understand Sweden and Swedes better: Check this out.

Stay active playing karaoke!

In order to be productive, you must also have fun 🙂 Karaoke is a great choice since it has many benefits to your body and soul. When you sing, you connect with the emotion of that song and your neurons become super active, there is a boost to your endorphins, and your stress levels go down.

Become a newbie blogger

Share your story as a newbie in Sweden, give tips and advice to other newbies or simply inspire them with your unique journey. With The Newbie Guide, you will learn the ins and outs of how to be a great content writer. Reach out to us to become a volunteer!

Set a smart budget

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Creating a smart budget is another great way to stay productive while at home. There are many reasons to set a smart budget, you may be struggling with your personal financial situation or want to set a clever way to track your spending choices.

Follow these easy steps to get your smart budget:

  • set realistic goals
  • manage your expenses
  • separate needs and want. Set money aside for seasonal expenses or emergencies.
  • Be patience to adjust to your goals.

There are many apps that can make this process more entertaining. Check out Mint or PocketGuard. You can also check with your Swedish online or mobile bank. They usually have good tools to show how much you are spending and on what.

Learn about online trading

Austin Distel @Unplash

If you spend the day at home browsing the internet, online trading or e-trading is a great way to make the internet work for you. Some of the benefits of it are having more control and flexibility and lower transaction costs compared to traditional trading.

To get started you just need a laptop, a bank account, and a good financial history.

However, before you consider any type of investment it’s important to educate yourself on the topic. There is a lot of jargon in investing, so you’ll need to know the basics to get started.

This Swedish guide to fxforex trading will help you start on the right foot!

Study Swedish

When learning any language, there is a simple method that always works, it is more fun than you think and it can be done from home. That is to immerse in the language!

That means reading magazines, comics, or books, listen to the audio version to get familiarized with the sounds and rhythm. You can also listen to the radio or TV, it is a great exercise even if you struggling to follow.

Do you have a favourite show that you have seen infinite times? Watch it again with Swedish subtitles.

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