9 September, 2020

A Guide to Starting Hockey

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If you would like to start playing hockey, read on to find out how this article will give you tips for the beginning hockey player. The tips will help you improve within the shortest time possible and make you a better hockey player. So, without further ado, here are tips on how to get started playing hockey:

You Don’t Have to Look for Full Equipment at The Start

As a beginner hockey player, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on full hockey equipment. The only things you need to get started are elbow pads, skates, a stick, shin pads, and a helmet. Most of these things are found on sale or used. I highly recommend choosing comfortable skates that fit well and a decent helmet.

If you would like to know about the equipment needed to get started playing hockey, check out our hockey equipment guide for adult players. In most of the adult leagues a mouth guard, shoulder pads, and a neck guard are optional.

You Need to Learn How to Skate

A hockey player has to know how to turn, skate, and stop. To learn how to skate, get a lot of ice time, and look for someone to teach you how to skate. It is a good idea to look for skating lessons at an arena near where you live. You can search for adult skating lessons, adult power skating lessons, or adult hockey lessons. 

These lessons are very important as they will help you learn good habits that will make it easier for you to become a better hockey player. They will also help you become a good hockey player within the shortest time possible.

How Can I Start Playing Hockey in Later Life?

After taking some skating lessons, I recommend getting as much ice time as possible. You can get ice time by going to open hockey sessions (called stick and puck, shinny, or pick up hockey) and public skating. Of course, if you can’t play you can watch it on TV and enjoy it that way. You could even up the excitement with some SHL betting

Look for Arenas Near You

Arena maps can help you find an arena. Find out whether there are any open ice sessions where members of the public can play hockey or skate. Public skating is mostly free as most arenas have what they call “public skating time” which is open to the public. If you want to rent skates and/or stick and puck you will probably have to pay anything between 30-150 sek for kids and 70-200 SEK for adults. Helmets tend to be included in the price. Even though the first few sessions are usually intimidating, remember that becoming a better hockey player is a long, tough road. 

So, take small steps every day as you will improve every time you get ice time. Another important thing to do is to play any type of hockey you can in your backyard. These types of hockey include ball hockey, inline, shoot pucks, and street hockey.

Practice Your Stickhandling and Shooting at Home

The three biggest skills that a hockey player has to learn include skating, puck control, and shooting. Skating should be done on the ice (some rollerblading does not hurt). However, shooting and stickhandling can be worked on at home provided you have a shooting pad and something to shoot at (anything that stops pucks is okay but a hockey net is better than the other options). 

How to Join A Hockey Team

Once you are comfortable with skating, shooting, and stickhandling, consider joining a hockey team. Asking the people, you have been playing hockey with is the best way to join a hockey team. Play pick-up hockey at least once per week and find out from the people who play pick-up hockey whether their team needs an extra person or if they know of a team that needs an extra guy. 

If you don’t have any friends at the arena, contact the local rinks, and ask about beginner hockey leagues. Even though you can sign up, pay and play, it is more exciting if you know some people on the team (this is why I highly recommend playing pick up hockey once per week before joining a team).

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