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We are community of people who feel devoted towards the idea of creating a guide for all those brave ones who come to Sweden every year to start a life here. We know that the process of settling in Sweden comes with a bunch of questions. We hope that this guide will offer your guidance and give you the opportunity to bound with other Newbies and Oldbies.

Who we are

Who are we and why are we doing this? We are a bunch of people who know what it’s like to be new to a place. Come in and get to know us.

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Here you find information about organisations and companies that support Newbies on their journey.

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Are you a newbie or an oldie?

Are you a newbie or an oldbie? Read about it and then decide:-)

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Missing something?

Have we missed to explain an important Newbie matter? Or would you like to hear more about certain topics? Let us know.

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The legal stuff

Even though we are a friend, a guide and can give you tips and tricks – the information we give you is in no way legally binding.

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