The Newbie Guide to Sweden has thousands visitors every month and currently over 700 pages with information about relevant aspects of Swedish society (legal, swedish, work, health, social, etc). Visitors who reach an individual page are usually highly invested in that topic which makes them strong leads.

Advertising with The Newbie Guide to Sweden is:

  • a concrete way to support everyone who is new to Sweden.
  • a way to show the public that your company works actively with equality, diversity, and integration.
  • a possibility to reach target groups that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Meet the Newbie Guide audience

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Survey conducted with our audience in 2018

Our Newbie/Oldbie community has over 20k loyal & active followers. Most of them are foreign-born women who are currently studying Swedish and looking for a job in Sweden. Our most engaging communication channels are Facebook (English), Facebook (Arabic), Instagram, and Newsletter.

The 4 simple steps to advertising with us

Step 1 – Duration & Placements

Before we get started, there are a few things we'll need to know:

  • What is the advertising package of your choice
  • What date you wish to start your campaign
  • What page you wish to have your advert on
  • How long you wish your advertisement to run

Step 2 – Material & Design

Here we discuss what your message is and how we can deliver it most effectively. We overlook what material you might have and then we make a compelling ad for our audience.

Note that if you have your own advertising material, it must be sent to us in its final version at the latest 3 days prior to the planned campaign start.

Step 3 - Run & Measure

This is the fun part! Your ad is run in all the channels you have chosen.

We measure the results relevant to you so that we can evaluate the success of the campaign.

Step 4 - Reports & Evaluation

The campaign ended and now the investigation begins.

Now we evaluate the numbers, celebrate results, and discuss improvements for your next campaign.

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