Advertise with us

Advertise with us

The Newbie Guide to Sweden has thousands visitors every month and currently over 150 information pages with information about relevant aspects of Swedish society (legal, swedish, work, health, social, etc). Visitors who reach an individual page are usually highly invested in that topic which makes them strong leads.

Advertising with The Newbie Guide to Sweden is:

  • a concrete way to support everyone who is new to Sweden.
  • a way to show the public that your company works actively with equality, diversity and integration.
  • a possibility to reach target groups that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Choose your type of advertising

There are number of advertising opportunities at The Newbie Guide.

  1. Banner ad on information page
    Banners come in 1 size and and are placed either in the middle or at the end of an article page.
  2. Banner ad on blog post
    Banners come in 1 size and and are placed either in the middle or at the end of blog post text.
  3. Sponsored article
    In some cases we allow sponsored articles by our advertisers. The content has to have a high level of information and be useful for the reader. These articles are produced by the Advertiser in collaboration with the Newbie Guide to Sweden.
  4. Sponsored blog post
    The sponsored blog post must have a high level of useful information and will be produced by the Advertiser in collaboration with the newbie guide to Sweden.
  5. Sponsored social media posts
    Coverage on The Newbie Guide to Swedens social media channels
  6. Sponsored teaser in the montly Newbie Newsletter
    Teaser + image + link to ADVERTISERS website.
  7. Sponsored competitions
    In sponsored competitions the Advertiser provides a prize of interest for the Newbie Guide visitors. The competition lasts 2 – 4 weeks according to agreement between THE NEWBIE GUIDE and the Advertiser and will be promoted in all of the Newbie Guides marketing channels. Contact details of all competition participates will be shared with the Advertiser.

Material specifications and where to send your material

The advertising material must be sent to us in its final version at the latest 3 days prior to the planned campaign start. You must provide the following information:

  • What date you wish to start your campaign
  • What page you wish to have your advert on
  • How long you wish your advertisement to run

Send your material and requests to

General information

  1. Campaigns are paid per month and run for a month unless otherwise specified.
  2. You can request which information page you wish your advert to run.
  3. The Newbie Guide to Sweden cannot guarantee that your advert will run on the page and time interval that you request. If it’s not possible we will contact you to come to an agreement
  4. No banners are allowed on the starting page of

Get in touch

Contact us by emailing us at or use the contact form below.

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