28 January, 2019

Apps that help you to settle in Sweden

Sweden loves innovations. If Swedes love something, there is a big chance to succeed with a product in other regions. Everyone’s heard about Spotify, but there are multiple apps that will help you to settle in Sweden for good. Check our list and let us know in the comments if any of these made your Newbie life easier. 

Swish and Bank-ID 

You won’t survive a day in Sweden without Swish. And even if you will, why would you? Swish is a comfortable tool to send money to your friends and family or to pay for goods purchased online. You will hear swisha mig as often as tack and god morgon. Once Swish is downloaded, you don’t need to remember difficult account’s numbers, IBAN, addresses, codes… Just the number of your cellphone. Do not forget to download the app called Bank-ID, which increases the safety of in-bank logging and makes everything easier.


In urgent need to buy or sell something? Both Wish and Blocket are C2C online markets. They enable the users to exchange or sell the products. If you miss gumtree, these two should be your first choice. And if you have ever tried eBay, you will love Tradera, a Swedish eBay’s brother. 

It is not easy to go to the doctor with a 40 degrees fever, pain in the muscles and a general feeling that the flu you caught in the office is actually terminal and you want to spend your last days with Netflix and a cup of tea instead of waiting in Vårdcentralen. Well, in Sweden you don’t have to. With you can connect with a doctor and discuss your symptoms and get medical advice.


Did you know that Sweden was named the worst place in the world for expats looking to make friends? That is why GoFriendly is a real treasure. Only for friends. And only for girls. If you want to have a friend to have a fika with or to go shopping together. You can download GoFriendly from AppStore or Google Play.  


Good app for families, parents and pet owners. The app offers reliable help with tutoring, babysitting, gardening and pet care. 

Västtrafik, SLEasyPark 

Have you ever tried to park your car in the city centre? EasyPark will help you with that and point the best places to park depending on where you are and what time it is. It will also enable you to pay the parking fee and avoid tickets, which, as we know, can make your wallet thinner. Well, we also know, that sometimes driving in Sweden is crazy. Why don’t you take a bus that you can check with SL (Stockholm) or Västtrafik (Gothenburg) or any other local app.

SAOL and Lexin Pro 

Bored with completing your Duolingo tree? Try SEOL and Lexin Pro. These two will increase your vocabulary and make your Swedish more fluent. Very helpful tools when learning Swedish.

Weather by WeatherBug 

Yes, we all complain about the weather in Sweden. But if you think that the slushy streets in Stockholm are the worst, notice that there was -39.3C in Naimakka this year! If you don’t want to learn about it too late and cry that you’ve forgotten your varmabyxordownload Weather by WeatherBug and follow the weather alerts.  

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