Claudia Laborda

Hi, I'm Claudia, a writer and digital media enthusiast from Barcelona. I moved to Stockholm in 2017. I love writing, road trips, books and taking pictures for my Instagram @kospialidosa. You can also check out my blog where I review books and write short stories.

Interview with Claudia Amaro, Embroider Artist Based in Sweden

Claudia Amaro is an artist, a fashion stylist and embroider-maniac from Brazil with always a gentle smile. Like many newbies, Claudia moved to Sweden in 2018 following her partner, who got a job in Stockholm. To celebrate reaching 1000 followers on Instagram, we reached Claudia to design a tote bag for us. While working on […]

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Sweden’s new law on sexual offences

Sweden’s statistics on sexual offences has risen since 2012. However, too few of these are reported. To change this trend, the Swedish government has approved a new law that recognizes sex without consent as rape. It comes into effect the 1st of July. What is the new law saying? Sexual offences include a variety of sex-related […]

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The Human Library: Read humans, fight stereotypes

When we move to another country, we all have preconceptions towards local people, and how the local people perceive us. Some are positive, some are negative. The Human Library is a non-profit organization that challenges us to change stereotypes and prejudices towards others.  As an avid reader, I came across the Human Library while looking for […]

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Plogging: get healthy and look after your planet

Plogging (“plogga” in Swedish) is a trendy movement initiated by Swede Erik Ahlström. It involves picking up waste/rubbish while jogging and comes from the word “plocka” (pick) and “jogga” (jog). The initiative aims to raise awareness for the environmental problems we are facing and our responsibilities towards them. This movement has spread around Sweden so […]

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Unusual places to see in Stockholm

After a while, I tend to think I know Stockholm, but there’s plenty of unusual places that remain hidden, even for Stockholmers. Places worth visiting for historical or cultural reasons, that will help you better understand the city and it’s citizens. The Devil’s Bible This Devil’s Bible (or Codex Gigas) is the largest medieval illuminated […]

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6 indoor activities to do in winter

“There’s not bad weather, only bad clothes”, a Swedish proverb says. Mm… Is that right? The hassle to wrap myself up with infinite layers of clothes, including two pair of socks, waterproof boots, gloves and a hat it’s not something I’m looking forward to. Although I love being outdoors, doing activities close to nature, this […]

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