Born when dinosaurs roamed the earth and televisions were black and white.


This post is written by Letty Moved by a personal episode, our observer considers human endurance in the face of disaster and the Doctor phobia of the male of the species. I know I am attempting to take a wry look at this crisis but something happened the other day which removed any possibility of […]

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The Masked Crusader

This post was written by Letty The New Normal Blog 2 in which our intrepid Observer delves into the murky world of mask wearers and confronts the prejudices of the Naked Facers. There’s  also a bit about getting your hair cut. OK, so what bit about wearing a mask do people not understand and why […]

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Don’t Stand So Close To Me

A beginner’s guide to The New Normal. Focusing on Stockholm, this is the first of three blogs written from a bemused Irish woman, as she attempts to understand the Swedish reaction to COVID–19.There are no answers, only observations.  ” It’s a long road that has no turning. “ This blogpost was written by Letty. It’s […]

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The Webs We Weave

This post was written by our blogger Letty. Setting: Belfast, N.Ireland. Kitchen of my friend’s house. August. Evening. Raining “Marie we’ve been invited to a party in Sweden” ( Lie Number 1) “Really? Are you sure you are not looking for an excuse to see that guy again?” “No. The weather is meant to be […]

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Expecting The Unexpected

Right, so now we are in 1997. I am forty, married, teaching the dysfunctional youth of Northern Ireland, embroiled in wars of attrition, both domestic and political. Murder, mayhem and no end in sight. This blogpost was written by Letty. I am wearing a maxi dress, sporting a hairstyle that is a combo of Kate […]

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A Toe In The Water

Okay, I could tell the usual stories about living in Sweden – you’ve heard variations of them a million times. The ones about Swedish being such a difficult language. It is. I have been here ten years off and on and can still only hold conversations with three year olds. Or the endless horror tales […]

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