Delphine Cartier

Delphine Cartier is a sex counselor specialized in sexual trauma, trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution. Delphine has worked as a volunteer for several organizations helping women who have been sexually abused and/or been trafficked for sexual exploitation. Furthermore, she is a board member at RealStars Stockholm, an organization that seeks to fight trafficking for sexual exploitation by spreading information about trafficking and the sex purchase law through out Sweden and Europe. Being born and raised in Paris, France by a French father and a Swedish mother, Delphine speaks fluent French and Swedish. Furthermore, she speaks a very good English and a good Spanish as she has lived both in London and Madrid a couple of years ago. Hence, she can have sessions in any of those languages at her office in Stockholm.

Sexual Education in Sweden

As a sex counsellor, I have held seminars for different schools, groups and colleges and I have remarked one thing; young Swedes have quite some knowledge when it comes to sex and sexual education. Okay, now I’m generalizing but still. I held a seminar at an international school in Sweden, where some of the kids […]

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