Elina Nomad

"The queen of the roads in Sweden", that's how my newly met Swedish friends called me. To Sweden, I came as a hitchhiker, a nomad with a smartphone capturing my moments. During my exploring, I met a "different Sweden" which is not written about in tourist guides yet. I became curious and fascinated by "Swedishness" which I also explored in academic studies a bit. Currently, I am more or less off the road as a freelance photographer and community manager, and content creator. Occasionally I am a house sitter in the Skåne countryside. About my adventures, I keep a diary blog and Instagram. Hope my stories inspire you to explore Sweden more!

Volunteer at summer festivals in Sweden

What’s every newbie’s favourite topic in the support groups online? How to make friends in Sweden. All newbies and ‘oldies’ have different stories and ideas, suggestions, and so on. I will share with one my story how to make friends in Sweden before winter: volunteer at summer festivals. During my first summers in Sweden, I […]

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