The Newbie Team

The Newbie Team posts news, tips and general goodness that can be useful for all Newbies. We always try to find Newbie related information that will help all Newbies on their new life in Sweden. Please let us know if there is something you wish we'd write more about and we will try to add it to our repertoire.

Want to go for a fika?


”Ska vi fika?” when you are asked this question in a Swedish office, the only answer you are supposed to give is ”Yes”. What have you just said “yes” to? Probably to the most common moment of relax in any office worldwide: the coffee break. The Swedes have this little word, Fika. If you wonder […]

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Winter is coming

One of the main associations foreigners have about Sweden is snow. Depending on where you are in the country, the snow arrives anytime between October and January. And once it’s here, it usually stays for a while. In the Stockholm winter, it’s dark and cold. So cold that the lakes turn to ice. So cold […]

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Welcome to the Newbie Blog

Hej and Welcome to the Newbie Blog! As you might already have noticed, this website is divided into different sections. You have the information section – with all the core information about how to take on life as a Newbie in Sweden. Then you have the community – where you can find others in the […]

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