1 October, 2018

Autumn in Sweden – A photo album

Autumn in Sweden - Trees/الخريف

There is something about autumn that makes people fall in love with the season. The falling leaves from the trees and the changing colours, an excuse to drink more coffee (or any hot drinks), you name it.

Autumn is finally here, and I can’t get enough! I am so looking forward to seeing the autumn foliage that I had to look at the photos that I took last year. Although I haven’t experienced autumn that much in my entire life, it has always been my favorite season. Last year I visited Sweden in autumn and stayed for a few days only. I wish I had stayed longer though! But, now that I’m back, I’m excited to experience the full season!

Autumn in Sweden

I took these photos from my trip to Sweden last year and I need to share them to make you feel excited about this season again! I never got the chance to visit the Nordic Museum, so I only took a photo of its facade. This is my favorite image so far!

Nordic Museum - Stockholm
I only used my phone to take photos, so these pictures might not represent how amazing everything looks.

Autumn in Sweden - Trees

I probably got this feeling from watching too many movies, but it seems to me that this is the season to fall in love.

If only I asked someone to take my photo, you’ll see me throwing the leaves up in the air with a smile on my face. Maybe I’ll do that this time. One thing I don’t like about this season is the rain. I don’t like it when I have to leave the house, but I love it if I’ll just stay home and enjoy the sweater weather with a cup of coffee in my hand.

Autumn in Sweden

I will miss the longer days and shorter nights. Nevertheless, let’s enjoy autumn! What do you love the most about this season? Comment down below!

Disclaimer: all photos are mine. 

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