19 October, 2017

What is the average house price in Stockholm & Sweden?


Wondering about relocating to Sweden or perhaps you’ve already moved and are considering taking your first step on the Swedish property market? This article gives you all the latest figures on Swedish house prices and shows how much prices vary between different Stockholm neighbourhoods and how Stockholm prices compare with the rest of the country.

Stockholm house prices by municipality


Map of Stockholm municipalities

The map below shows the municipalities included in the Greater Stockholm Area (Stockholms Län), as detailed in the price tables above.  This encompasses not just close lying suburbs such as Solna, Lidingö and Danderyd but also areas over an hours drive from Stockholm city centre.


What are the cheapest and most expensive areas to buy a house in Stockholm?

The top three most expensive municipalities are Lidingö, Solna and Danderyd. Norrtälje is the municipality with the lowest house prices in the Greater Stockholm Area followed by Nykvarn and Södertälje respectively. Generally speaking, the further out you go from the city centre, the more you will get for your money. Proximity to water also carries a premium, which explains the high prices on the suburban island of Lidingö. Österåker currently leads the field for the highest price increase over a 12 month period with an increase of 15%. Upplands Väsby was the only area with a negative price development of -1.9%.

What is the average price of a house in Sweden?

The national average  price of a house in Sweden is currently 3 034 000 SEK or 24 908 SEK per metre squared. Based on these latest figures, the average price of a house in the Greater Stockholm Area at 5 621 000 SEK is 46% more expensive than the national Swedish average and considerably higher than prices in both the Greater Gothenburg Area and the Greater Malmö Area.

How do Stockholm house prices compare with other major Swedish cities?


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