4 January, 2017

Beating the winter blues in Stockholm

The festivities are over at Littlebearabroad HQ. The twinkling strings of lights have been taken down and we’re bracing ourselves for the bitterly cold months of January and February in Stockholm. The kids are sick of wearing their winter-overalls and are just… well, sick.

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Parents all over Stockholm are dreaming of the long, hazy, summer days spent at the City beaches and lakeside playgrounds, hatless, gloveless, and fleeceless. Despite edging towards lighter and brighter days (1 minute a day) the darkness can become all-consuming during these months. Even more so for those of us tasked with entertaining pre-schoolers and toddlers.

Depression in the winter months reaches epidemic proportions and, even though it seems like an impossible task, keeping active, social and getting out and about is vital. Even in Stockholm there are small gems of exotic escapism where you can remind yourself of what it feels like to be warm, without breaking the bank. And, you can bring the kids!

My favourite of these exotic escapes is right the middle of Hagaparken.

Fjärilshuset & Haga Ocean is one of Stockholm’s most popular tourist attractions in the summer. In the winter it’s somewhat overlooked. But, with its hot houses, tropical jungles and stunning collection of exotic creatures, it is the perfect remedy to beat those winter blues. It’s got fantastic facilities for kids of all ages and it’s the sort of place you can end up spending a whole day in.

When Littlebearabroad pitched the idea of producing an event in the middle of January to a couple of our friends we were met with a lot of scepticism. But, when we announced that the event would be taking place at Fjärilhuset & Haga Ocean, we had nailed it.

On January 16th Littlebearabroad is hosting the first English-speaking, family tour of Fjärilshuset & Haga Ocean. Join us amongst the butterflies, insects, lizards, frogs, fish and the largest shark aquarium in Sweden.

The tour will start with a presentation about the environmental conservation and facilities at Fjärilshuset and be followed by an exciting guided tour of the hot houses in which you get to meet tropical terrapins and turtles and feed giant catfish. You might event get to see a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. Most importantly, you can spend the day basking in the steamy, warmth of their jungle foliage and forget the wintery world outside.

For ticketing information and further event details check out and for more events by Littlebearabroad check out their events and activities calendar.

Written by Jill Leckie

Jill is a Scottish Lass who lives with a Viking and is raising a mini-Viking, life is a cross between smorgasbords and deep-fried curly wurlies. Her second baby, Littlebearabroad, was created whilst she was on maternity leave and learning about her new life and adopted country. Littlebearabroad is here to support international families settle in Sweden with kids, meet people and make friends.

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