2 March, 2019

Behind The Newbie: CEO Julieta

According to the report of Statistiska centralbyrån published in 2018 “There are more foreign-born women than men in Sweden”*. In this blog post series, you will get to know the team behind The Newbie Guide to Sweden. The platform unites and helps newbies in their new journey in Sweden, particularly female expats.

Meet Julieta Spoerer, founder & CEO of the brand, in Q&A sharing her role, experiences and goals

What do you do at The Newbie Guide to Sweden? 

I founded The Newbie Guide to Sweden in 2011 and am the CEO of the company. It sounds more glamorous than it is though. I handle all company administration, finance, legal, sales, some marketing, PR, requests, questions from the public and manage some volunteers.

How many years of experience in the field? 

About 15 years now, I guess.

Since becoming your own boss, what have you learned about yourself? 

That it is important not to micromanage and that I usually don’t have the time to develop all the ideas I have.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I honestly don’t have much free time so I tend to be a couch potato. I love to read, watch TV-shows, cuddle my boyfriend, lift weights, travel and swim in the sea. 

What’s your top goal for 2019? 

To launch our Newbie 2.0 and to help even more Newbies out there. I will also become a mother for the first time so I guess a more personal goal for 2019 is to somehow try to figure that out.

What do you think drives you? 

I hate being bored which makes my brain come up with all sorts of ideas. I also have a hard time seeing a problem without trying to solve it. Those qualities combined usually keep me rather busy. 

Find out further details on Julieta’s skills and accomplishments on her linkedIn

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*Source: Statistics Sweden.

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