2 March, 2019

Behind The Newbie: Mentor & Partner Natália

According to the report of Statistiska centralbyrån published in 2018 “There are more foreign-born women than men in Sweden”*. In this blog post series, you will get to know the team behind The Newbie Guide to Sweden. The platform unites and helps newbies in their new journey in Sweden, particularly female expats.

Meet Natália Santana Faria, from a volunteer to co-owner of The Newbie, in Q&A sharing her role, experiences, and goals.

What do you do at The Newbie Guide to Sweden? 

I help the project to grow. There are many tools and strategies we use to meet our goals, including data, technology, and a lot of creativity. But what really drives everything is the human factor. We truly want to provide a relevant value to our community. So we are always listening to what Newbies need and nurturing a good relationship with them.

Of course, we couldn’t possibly do any of that without our very talented team members. I am also responsible for providing them guidance and learning tools so that they can develop skills and bring their own insights to the company. I started in the project as a volunteer myself, so being able to onboard and mentor new volunteers is really rewarding to me.

How many years of experience in the field? 

I am originally a journalist, so after college, I worked for some time in the public communication sector. Then I decided to change direction. I started working with Marketing and after a while, I started enjoying it. Today I have 6 years experience in that field.

Since becoming your own boss, what have you learned about yourself? 

I have learned that I am extremely resourceful and creative. And this is something that brings me joy. At the same time, all this excitement can lead to an unbalanced schedule. So I am also learning how to prioritize my free time.  

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love staying at home and spending time with my family. Also, I am a total geek, so board games with friends and nerdy movies/series are always good options for me!

What’s your top goal for 2019? 

For Newbie, the goal is to see our team growing and developing. Also, to bring the project to its next level (yes, we have news coming up!). Another goal is to do simple things more often. Like eat avocado toast, be closer to nature, read a book, karaoke…

What do you think drives you? 

Passion. Things I am passionate about usually have a clear purpose and impact on other people’s lives. I feel the same excitement for experiences that allow me to be creative and learn new things. 

Find out further details on Natalia’s skills and accomplishments on her linkedIn

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*Source: Statistics Sweden.

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