2 March, 2019

Behind The Newbie: Social Media Manager Claudia

According to the report of Statistiska centralbyrån published in 2018 “There are more foreign-born women than men in Sweden”*. In this blog post series, you will get to know the team behind The Newbie Guide to Sweden. The platform unites and helps newbies in their new journey in Sweden, particularly female expats.

Meet Claudia Laborda, our social media manager, in Q&A sharing her role, experiences and goals.

What do you do at The Newbie Guide to Sweden? 

I am the Social Media (SM) coordinator for the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms in English. I’m also the community manager and a content creator of articles, visuals, and videos.

How many years’ experience in the field? 

As an SM coordinator and community manager: a year and 1 month. I wrote articles before, but in my mother language: Spanish.  

What have you learned during the Newbie journey as a team member? 

I’ve learned to write content in English professionally, to understand the insights of different social media channels, to implement the right content, to deal with unhappy followers as a community manager, and to work in an international team.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Listening to tutorials and read about new trends on social media, as it’s continually changing.

What’s your top goal for 2019? 

Keep learning as much as possible.

What do you think drives you? 

I’m naturally driven by writing and digital media.

Find out further details on Claudia’s skills and accomplishments on her linkedIn

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Hi! My name is Hana living in Sweden for two years. I'm specialist in English literature, currently studying World literatures and Literary Criticism. I have big interest in civilisations, Drama, and Korean language

2 Comments on “Behind The Newbie: Social Media Manager Claudia

robert tubman
14 March, 2019 at 11:16

please give us more information on you. For example your education, work experience, if any. Thanks..

Claudia Laborda
15 March, 2019 at 16:33

Hi Robert

Thank you for your comment.

You can contact me at and I’ll send you my CV/Resume. Or you can reach me on LinkedIn. Whatever works better for you.

Thanks 🙂


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