21 June, 2020

Best Home Insurance for Renters

best home insurance sweden/ تأمين على المنزل

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Are you living as a subtenant and want to be sure you and your belongings are covered in case of bad luck? Are you unsure whether you can have the best home insurance in Sweden when you rent your apartment as a sublet? The insurance company Hedvig has a special deal for Newbies and we found out all about it.

Having home insurance is not unusual in Sweden. On the contrary, home insurance is the most common insurance in Sweden. When owning a flat it comes as second nature to Swedes. But what do you do when you are renting as a sublet? Are you entitled to have home insurance for only a short term renting contract and most importantly, is it worth it?

Renting as a sublet without home insurance can bring you additional expenses. Whether it’s a stove that stops working unexpectedly or a broken sofa in your rented room, home insurance has your back whenever something unforeseen happens.

What services does Hedvig provide?

The insurance company Hedvig realized that the living situation for many Swedes and Newbies isn’t entirely compatible with traditional home insurance, so they figured they could do something about it and put together a home insurance especially for you who is renting as a sublet.

Their home insurance covers among others:

  • Theft and damage
  • water leaks and fires
  • liability protection 
  • legal protection

Additional to this, they offer you the insurance of your white-goods such as your fridge, freezer, or washing machine and will even compensate you for your spoiled food!

The best part for those of us living in short term contracts though is ….

…that there is no curing period which is simply put quite fantastically practical if you are living in Sweden on a more temporary basis or just haven’t been able to find that elusive long term contract (or buy a place) just yet.

A curing period is the fixed time you sign up for your insurance. Most insurance companies have a curing period of 12 months with a three- month notice.

Easy breezy support

Hedvig comes with an app that you can download on App Store or Google Play and where you get help straight away if your fridge explodes or something like that. It means that the whole procedure is eco-friendly and free from paper invoices as all payments and dealings with customer service happen directly in the app.

Hedvig insurance is on average 20 % cheaper than other Swedish insurance companies and they make it easy for you to switch to their insurance if you are not satisfied with your current insurance solution.

Do you need more information about the deal or do you already have home insurance? Hedvig offers you a comparison with your current insurance. Check it out here (in English) or here (in Swedish)!

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