12 September, 2016

Better your Swedish skills with the Internet

Swedish on the Internet

When you’re an adult, learning a new language can be tough. Children often simply soak up new languages by playing and interacting with others, however for us adults, learning Swedish is a long and hard road.

In this age of technology and social media however, learning a new language can also be an interesting and exciting experience. It can open doors to new employment opportunities or even friendships. Here are some handy websites and hints to utilise the internet to assist you in the learning process.

1. Duolingo

For some people, class environments just don’t work. Some people can’t cope with the formalities and others just don’t have the time or patience. Duolingo was made for you. It was also made for the sorts of people who can’t access language study or who simply want to have a bit of fun by learning something new. You can set your own pace and continually test yourself to be sure you are retaining what you have learned. There are even forums where you can discuss things with other users.

The slight downside to Duolingo is that the pronunciation of Swedish is not 100% perfect. However using it along with other helpful sites listed below will give you a good grounding in Swedish.

2. Memrise

Another language learning site/app similar to duolingo. The style of lessons differs of course, so it’s best to try both and see what works for you and your own learning style. Both Memrise and Duolingo have their advocates.

3. Language Exchanges

One way of making language learning more interesting and fun is to search for a language exchange partner . The basic principle of a language exchange is that both parties get something out of the interaction. There are a number of Swedish people on sites like

Membership for all sites is free, however charges a small monthly fee to be able to contact users. They also provide you with a number of online resources to help you get the best out of your exchange.

4. Facebook

You can find almost anything on Facebook if you put in the right keywords. One thing you will be able to find are groups that Tailor to your own interests – but in Swedish!

Here are just a few!

These are just a few examples, but there are a huge amount of facebook groups out there. It’s a wonderful way to meet Swedes as well, who are often more social online than on a train or bus. It’s vital to just shelve your fear of using the language and have a go.

5. Meetup

For those of you who are feeling a little more adventurous, there’s It’s available as a website or a smartphone app and once you enter your location it will provide you a list of all kinds of meetups in your area. There’s everything from language exchange, boardgame enthusiasts to foodies, parents groups, women’s groups, programmers, booklovers, startups and more. Some groups even use English as well as Swedish as their main language.

There is no reason why your hobbies and personal interests can’t be a part of your language learning journey. Many studies show that emerging oneself in the language is the best way to learn. It’s also a wonderful way to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

So when you’re next checking out an obligatory cute cat pick on facebook, why not take the time to find a Swedish speaking group you like and say ‘Hej!’

Written by Louisiana Galileo Ahnström

Louisiana Galileo Ahnström is one of Sweden’s many love refugees.
Originally from Australia, she moved to Sweden in 2013 to live with
her Swedish partner. Galileo was born with congenital glawcoma which
caused her to lose all the sight in her left eye and most of the sight
in her right.
She is based in Stockholm where she lives with her husband and 1 year
old daughter. Her passions include music, chess, languages, reading and history. In Australia she worked as a radio presenter for community radio in the Blue Mountains, was lead singer in a band and studied youth work and community services.

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