The Most Surprising Things for Newbies in Sweden

Depending on where you come from, Swedish culture can be more (or less) different from what you are familiar with. In any case, Sweden comes with unique characteristics that are continuously shaped by societal norms and expectations. Here are 10 surprising things in Sweden. Presented by Discover Media You Can Camp Anywhere Allemansrätten is among […]

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The Meaning of Silence

Do you find Swedes unusually quiet? Do you often wonder why they are silent? What does it really mean when someone is not speaking? While silence is normal and seen as something positive in some cultures, silence can be more provocative and strange in other cultures. Also in Sweden, the meaning of silence can be different. Presented by Swedish with Mumm […]

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Oscars 2019

We are waiting impatiently to know who’s going to win the Oscars 2019. Tonight, of course, we keep our fingers crossed for The Border. In Sweden, the Guldbagge Awards jury hands out submissions annually. The first movie that Sweden submitted, Ratataa by Hasse Ekman in 1956, was not nominated for The Foreign Language Film Award Committee. But four years later, in 1960, The Virgin Spring directed […]

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Raising a multilingual child: Facts and Strategies

Raising a multilingual child is a long, but rewarding adventure. Many newbie families in Sweden consider it a challenge, but in lots of regions around the world multilingualism is something natural and common. Multilingualism is a great gift that can be given to your child and it is easier than you think. Read about the […]

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Brexit: Comments & Survival Kit

If you are one of the 20 000 of the Brits living in Sweden and you want to know what is going on with Brexit, learn about the proposed agreement between the Swedish government and the UK and see what will it mean in practice.  All the information comes from Migrationverket and The Local Sweden Healthcare & Driving License It’s […]

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