The mystery of the Swedish identity during the summer holidays

Summer holidays

Sweden is infamous for shutting down during the summer months, and often earlier – and longer, than in most European countries. Why is that so, and what consequences does it it have? The answers are called industrisemester and sommarlov. These are two heavily institutionalised concepts that are deeply ingrained in our work culture and personal […]

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Utbildningsradion – a knowledge bank for lifelong learning


Do you want to learn more about the world and at the same time practise and improve your Swedish? Then you should check out Utbildningsradion, UR´s programmes. The programs of Utbildningsradions cover all sorts of themes (from biology, geography, history, politics & literature and much more) and the programmes are available online for a long […]

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Is HEN here to stay?

On the 30th of November 1966, on a column of Uppsala Nya Tidning, Rolf Dunås wrote an article about what he considered a “vacuum” in the Swedish language. Whereas Finnish had a gender-neutral pronoun (hän), something similar was missing in Swedish. ”As for me” – claimed Dunås – “I dream that ”han” would go one […]

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