Sweet Swedish Days

Have you heard of special food days such as fettisdagen, våffeldagen or even kanelbullens dag? As a newbie myself, finding out that such days exists just amazes me! Traditionally, there are various types of sweet stuff that are consumed by Swedes on certain days throughout the year. Fettisdagen – the Swedish cream bun day It is […]

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What is traditional Swedish food?

“What is traditional Swedish food?” is probably the most asked questions when I go abroad. I never know how to reply. I have asked other Newbies and even Swedish friends but they don’t seem to be sure on that either. Ikea has popularised Swedish meatballs all over the world, and that’s the first dish people […]

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An oldbies 10 tips to Newbies

Ten tips

In 1994, I boarded the plane from London that was to take me to Stockholm. I thought I’d live here for around a year. But 22 years later I’m still here, and my adopted homeland has become the place whre I’ve built my life, fulfilled my potential and continue to follow my dreams.  The Stockholm […]

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