Following the King: Vasaloppet

In celebration of the Swedish King, Gustav Vasa and his supporters, this 90km cross country skiing race is reputed to be one of the toughest in Europe.  Starting at 8am on the first weekend in March in a field outside Sälen, the route takes in the beautiful countryside of Dalarna, including some pretty steep hills […]

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The party Nya Moderaterna suggests test for newcomers in civic orientation

tests for newcomers

The Swedish Newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that the Moderate Party – Nya Moderaterna wants to add tests to the integration course Civic Orientation – Samhällsorientering. The course is for newcomers in Sweden and serves as an introduction to Swedish society and its norms and values. Nya Moderaternas suggestions is that newcomers who do not pass the test shall have […]

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Newbie scientists in Sweden: contract or stipendium?


Following on from the previous post, Sweden is a fantastic place to do research. However, before you get the lab coat and the goggles and start contributing to shape the future, there are some boring administrative issues to be solved. Whether you are already performing research as a newbie in a Swedish university or you […]

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Sex education for unaccompanied refugees

The events in Cologne in Germany on New Years Eve and the festival “We are Stockholm” has sparked an discussion about sex education for unaccompanied refugees. Now, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU wants to provide sex education to unaccompanied refugees coming to Sweden. RFSU argues that the majority of unaccompanied refugee boys, who come […]

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Predictability of pancakes

Pancakes/التكهن بالفطائر

In all cultures, there is an element of predicatability. Some things that you can feel will always happen. Things that give you a sense of security because you can depend on them. And once you know about them, you feel slightly more integrated into society.  In Sweden, it’s pancakes. On Thursdays. In most lunch restaurants and every […]

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