The Masked Crusader

This post was written by Letty The New Normal Blog 2 in which our intrepid Observer delves into the murky world of mask wearers and confronts the prejudices of the Naked Facers. There’s  also a bit about getting your hair cut. OK, so what bit about wearing a mask do people not understand and why […]

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Midsummer In Sweden


In a world which has, until recently, moved at an ever-faster pace, there is something very reassuring and peaceful about the way in which Sweden adheres to a well-established calendar of festivals throughout the year. It gives a rhythm to the seasons, as well as heralding their secrets. Lucia celebrates light in the midst of […]

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Little Asia in Lund

the best places with Asian food in Lund

What do you miss the most when you’re living far from home? For me, it’s 3Fs: Families, Friends and Food! Coming from a country known for its distinctive and rich-in-flavour foods, there are times when I crave for a little taste of home in Sweden. Lucky for me, there are some Asian speciality shops and […]

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Stockholm in All its Glory

Oh Stockholm, a wondrous, lively city filled with history, culture and welcoming people. With endless opportunities, adventure, and events, Stockholm will surely become a travellers’ new favourite. Art, History & Culture Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden – made up of 14 islands, a seemingly never-ending Baltic Sea archipelago, cobblestone streets and home to palaces, […]

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