Join the Celebration of Diversity festival the 24-27th of October in Stockholm

Mångfaldsfestivalen (The Celebration of Diversity) is organised by and for asylum seekers and other migrants, and their Swedish friends. As the Swedish weather is getting worse by the day and the sun is disappearing, we invite you to enjoy our multiple cultures, explore, have fun and make new friends, so we can be in great […]

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Interview with Claudia Amaro, Embroider Artist Based in Sweden

Claudia Amaro is an artist, a fashion stylist and embroider-maniac from Brazil with always a gentle smile. Like many newbies, Claudia moved to Sweden in 2018 following her partner, who got a job in Stockholm. To celebrate reaching 1000 followers on Instagram, we reached Claudia to design a tote bag for us. While working on […]

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The Best Halloween Delights in Sweden

The night when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest is approaching. The most magical time of the year is knocking on the door. Trick or treat? It’s up to you to decide how to celebrate the turning of the light and welcome the dark winter season. Pick […]

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