Midsummer In Sweden


In a world which has, until recently, moved at an ever-faster pace, there is something very reassuring and peaceful about the way in which Sweden adheres to a well-established calendar of festivals throughout the year. It gives a rhythm to the seasons, as well as heralding their secrets. Lucia celebrates light in the midst of […]

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Becoming a Swedish Citizen: How Does It Feel?

two passports

The historical day has come: I am holding in my hand two passports, a Russian and a Swedish one. In an earlier post, I wrote about the journey to obtaining Swedish citizenship, which I hope may be useful to other newbies or not-so-newbies settling in Sweden. When I wrote it, someone asked me: So how […]

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Swedish Sayings I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Sweden

أمثال سويدية

Like many other countries, Sweden has plenty of expressions, idioms and sayings rooted in history and tradition. Some of them can be found in other languages, or at least share similar meaning like “Beat around the bush” and “Gå som katten kring het gröt” (English: walks like the cat around hot porridge). Some others are […]

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