5 August, 2019

Change your career in 4 months – Camron’s Story

Changing your career and entering the job market with over 1 million job opportunities – all of that is possible with Craft Academy courses, just in 4 months. Don’t believe it? Read our interview with Camron and see how he managed to do it. And don’t miss the special discount for our Newbie readers.

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Who are you and how come you decided to apply to Craft Academy? 

My name is Camron and although I’m a Swedish citizen, I have lived abroad most of my life and have just returned to Sweden. So in a sense, I’m an expat and have had to “set up my life” in Sweden from scratch again.

I have been in the startup world for a very long time, working in all stages — pure startups to scale-ups to growth companies — and in all areas but one, the tech area of the businesses. This left me always lacking the full scope of things we were building and launching. In particular in my last project, it became frustrating because I could not fully engage with and understand the tech team at all times. I therefore made the decision to learn at least some basic coding and how tech products are built and launched.  

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What did you do before becoming a student at Craft Academy? 

I was on a sabbatical in Asia before moving back to Sweden. Prior to that, I was involved with a mobile app startup in London, UK.

What was your first professional experience after you graduated?

A bit different from other Craft Academy graduates, I’m looking at startup projects, meaning that I’ve spent my time researching a startup opportunity and mocking up the product, a mobile app. Hopefully that’ll be something I’ll be able to move forward with!

Do you have any advice for those who are trying to enter the Swedish IT job market? 

The Swedish tech market is thriving and among the top three in Europe (together with London and Berlin). In particular the tech startup ecosystem is flourishing. So make sure you attend events, network with people, reach out to individuals of interest at various companies and see if you can offer them say a coffee in exchange for 15 mins of their time (where you can pick their brains about what they do and the tech scene). Or something along those lines. Sooner or later, you’ll either be referred to or come across fitting opportunities for yourself.

How do you feel that your bootcamp training with Craft Academy has prepared you for the job market?

I’m now highly confident in my ability to pick up any new programming language or technology and learn it. Before, this was a complete mental block and pure greek to me, so to speak. What Craft Academy teaches you is a broad spectrum of technologies, concepts, and skills that allow you to become good at learning new things in tech. You learn where to look, how to learn, and what best practices to follow. Basically the main soft skills required from a good developer.

Ask any tech company and they’ll tell you that technologies and programming languages come and go. Therefore, rather than knowing specific programming languages, it is more important to have the skills to quickly learn and pick up new languages and concepts. You become good at that at Craft Academy (in addition to the languages you learn!). 

How has Craft Academy prepared you for a programming job compared to more ‘traditional’ training programs? 

The traditional training programs are more theory-oriented whereas Craft Academy is very hands-on and project-oriented. So from the get-go, you start coding & building, and you repeat the concepts over the weeks so that it sticks in your memory.

Moreover, you practice the full process and life-cycle of how a development team works, from ideation to planning to “architecting” the platform to using test-driven development, scrum, and agile development methodologies. You’ll therefore hit the ground running, so to speak, when you take a job following graduation. In fact, you might be surprised to see that you’re ahead of many developers in the market in terms of the processes and the soft skills that you’ve learned.

Is there any advice you wish somebody had given you at the beginning of this journey? 

Literally, it’s a 24/7 bootcamp, seven days a week, so cancel any and all commitments you have. You get what you pay for, a true bootcamp!

What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to Craft Academy?

Tech is everywhere and the demand for developers is far outpacing the supply. I read in an article that in Europe alone there is a lack of about 1 million (!!) developers. So if you’re looking for a great job future and to learn the skills from a place that will get you ready better than any other place, then you should be looking at Craft Academy.

Craft Academy is a code school that aims to bring new talent to the market and help to solve the shortage of tech workers. With Craft Academy, you’ll not only learn how to code but also get to practice many other skills.

They are founded on the belief that modern development standards, agile methodologies, and business skills are fundamental for professional developers. The team of Craft Academy is made up of dedicated coaches with decades of experience who provide their students with the most effective training to prepare them – in an incredibly short time – to join the technical workforce.

Their courses are designed to take you from zero to a junior programmer in months rather than years. There are two tracks you can choose from:

– a 12 week Full Stack Developer Bootcamp
– or a 6 week Front End Developer with React Bootcamp.

You prepare for both tracks by taking the 4 weeks, part-time remote Introduction To Programming course. If you don’t live in Stockholm or Gothenburg to take the course on-site, you can enrol in Digital Nomads by CA – the fully immersive camps that can be taken fully remote by students.

Craft Academy gives you a job guarantee – if you won’t get a job within 6 months, you’ll get your course fee back!

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