24 November, 2019

Digital Nomad’s Guide to Stockholm

Happen to be one of the Digital Nomads and wondering if Stockholm is a good fit for your next stop? Planning your next temporary retreat and still not sure whether the Swedish capital can satisfy all your freelancing needs?

We think Stockholm is the place where leisure and work find the perfect balance. This is the cradle of start-ups with free WIFI almost everywhere and cosy cafés all around you.

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Where to work?

Finding a quiet cosy spot in Stockholm to working outside your home is a piece of cake. And a cake will you get everywhere, you bet.

Photo Credit @ tina_stafrén

The Swedish answer to Starbucks, Espresso House is a safe choice. You can work for hours without being interrupted, drink loads of coffee and eat kladdkaka till you drop. Surprisingly enough, finding a seat is super easy in almost every branch around Stockholm. Some are even extremely cosy. Try one close by the City Library at the Rådmansgatan metro station.

For more of a hipster touch, why not trying Vurma café near Hornstull metro station? The atmosphere is homier, the refreshments are more than satisfying and, you can spoil yourself with the lovely views from the windows.

Another tip for an inspiring café stop among thousands of others is the Johan & Nyström café on Swedenborgsgatan. The place is rather small, so be sure to come earlier in the morning to catch a spot. However, the café is exceptional and after the whole day of working can be addictive.

Where to work and connect?

In case the common cafés don’t fill you with needed inspiration, be sure to try one of the many co-working spaces around the city. You’ll find everything you need in one place and meet interesting and like-minded people as a bonus.

Photo Credit @melker_dahlstrand

All of the co-working spaces have a speed internet connection, facilities and refreshments stations or are a combination of a café and a co-working space. The only downward is the fee that can be astronomically high at some places.

Epicentre definitely belongs to the above. The membership offered is 3 months minimum with the entry-level on 2750 SEK per month. The benefits are free hot drinks, gym membership and the possibility to set up a shop on the premises. This co-working space is more expensive and surely more corporate. However, it’s an unusually great spot for important business connections. And is located in the city centre!

Located close by the Sveavägen 44, Impact Hub offers much more affordable membership prices starting at 190 SEK for limited accesses to the premises. This young spirited co-working space provides the perfect multinational environment to work in and find useful business connections. Impact Hub offers drop-in options, feel free to come around and get a taste of how it is to work there between 10.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday.

Where to socialize or learn a new

Apart from the actual co-working spaces, Stockholm offers a wide range of possibilities to socialize with ex-pats or other digital nomads if desired.

Photo Credit @simon_paulin

Meet up is a safe bet. Apart from the possibility to attend hundreds of events from the outdoor walking group to the Swedish language café, you can easily create your own. Fancy a fencing class or a chit chat with other writers? Anythings possible! This is an excellent way to connect with ex-pats or natives in Stockholm and share the same interest or deepen your craft.

One of the funniest ways to relax your mind and body is to join the Improv group. Search for one of them on the Meet up homepage and release your inner child.

Hungry for a new challenge or simply bored with all the work and partying, longing to expand your perspective and maybe learn a new skill? Or simply craving some relax?

You can also join an official course on the Folkuniversitetet. They give various courses in English if Swedish is not your thing yet. Sign up for a dance class or why not try a photography course?

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Veronika Opatrilova
Veronika works as a Stockholm guide, writer and translator from Swedish. She was born in the Czech Republic, but, as she says, her heart and soul belong to Sweden. Sometimes she leaves for new adventures and lives in different countries, but she always comes back. She is in love with black Swedish coffee, cardamon buns and a ferry to Djurgården.