5 October, 2019

Finding The Best Activities for Kids

Moving to Sweden can seem scary and difficult, especially when you’re bringing your littles. But what many people don’t realize is that Sweden offers many free, fun and interactive activities that both you and your children will enjoy! Living as an expat in Stockholm was a lot easier than originally expected. After moving here two years ago I became accustomed to the Swedish ways pretty quickly. Although everyone has a different experience, there are ways to make your move to Sweden a little less bumpy.

Rainy day in Stockholm? No problem.

Stockholm, in particular, is home to 53 museums. Some local, child friendly museums include:

Tekniska Museet (The National museum of Science and Technology) – where you and your kids can enter the world of science and exploration. Discover new and exciting inventions, learn about the world of science and go wild in the MEGA zone.

Skansen (An open-air museum/zoo) – Learn about the traditional animals of Sweden and Nordic regions, play in the children’s zoo, take a walk through the Swedish styled park, or enjoy the breathtaking views of Stockholm from the hilltop. From children shows to a tasty fika in one of the many cafes, Skansen is a must-do for both children and adults.

Junibacken (an interactive children’s museum) Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially one such as the famous Pippi Longstocking! Experience the world of both Astrid Lindgren and Barbro Lindgren through shows, storytimes, an interactive playroom and the Saga (story) train.

Don’t yet speak Swedish?

If you don’t yet speak Swedish there are still many activities in which you and your family can enjoy without the fear of a language or cultural barrier. Not so long ago I discovered the wonderful blog @thelittlebearabroad ( – made specifically for international parents. Whether you are trying to find activities in English for your kids or wanting to connect and network with other international parents, the blog offers a calendar of events and resources for navigating your new life in Sweden. On top of all the advice the blog offers, it also holds an international (English speaking) playgroup twice a week in Hornstull. Take a look at the website and discover all the support you need as an international parent!

Networking in Stockholm as an expat

Being an expat parent can often be lonely. But it doesn’t have to be. Finding a support group of other international parents can drastically enhance your new life in Sweden. Joining both Swedish and English playgroups at your local Öppna Förskola (open preschool in english) is a good way to meet other parents in the same boat.

(For all you mammas out there who are new to Stockholm make sure to check out MamaMötet – a place where you can network, share ideas, gain insight, skills and passions with other mammas in Stockholm. Link:

Activities for your little humans

Providing activities for our children can be time-consuming and never-ending. Below I have included multiple links to English programs, libraries, child-friendly restaurants and cafes and a list of events happening in and around Stockholm this fall.

Libraries: Offer a wide range of stories, music, theatre times and are a great rainy day activity. Discover new books, color, dress up in the library playroom or enjoy a fika in the library cafe. Below are my personal favorite libraries for kids.

Activities for children: For other activities in and around Stockholm please click on the links below.

Make the best of your move by checking out all that Stockholm has to offer! Take a ride on the ferries, tour the underground subway stations or grab a fika in a cozy cafe. With countless things to do, it’s never a dull place to be, rain or shine!

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Georgia Lane
Hi all! I moved to Stockholm almost 2 years ago from Canada & I’ve been loving every minute of it! I know first hand how hard it can be to navigate your new life in Sweden as an expat - so I’m here to help and share my insight on different problems/situations you may run into as an international who doesn’t yet speak Swedish. Enjoy!

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