22 January, 2018

Five Ways To Spend Your Weekends When it Snows

Now that the sun is shining a little longer and the snow is finally here in Stockholm, everything seems brighter. It was my first winter here and I must tell you it was difficult. It wasn’t the cold that was harsh but the winter gloom that gets to you. The only remedy is to have endless fika and Vit D tablets to keep going.  I did go for a long winter break to the southern parts of the continent to get some sun. But I found some really exciting things and discovered new hobbies to do in Stockholm during the weekends when it snows. Here it goes.

Explore the Forests in Winter

Stockholm has some beautiful forests right on the edge of the city or on the periphery of many islands. There may be one, just a short distance away from your home. Even if you are not into running, it’s just good to walk or trek into the forests here. The silence of everything covered with thick layers of snow, some distant chirping of birds and maybe even a deer running by, can make your day. If you want to catch the afternoon sun, it’s always good to walk somewhere close to the water. I have explored the forests in Norra DjurgårdenLappkärrsbergetUgglevikskällanKarlbergs Slott and Langholmen. I am always surprised to see a deer or two or a flock of birds singing away.

Eat some Ice Cream

I am an ice cream buff. It is my remedy to beat any kind of weather, mood swings or just celebrate a good day. I may be a little choosy about what flavours I want. I love real fruit ice creams and find it difficult to get the right stuff in supermarkets. So now I invest my weekends in finding great flavours of ice cream in Stockholm. Stockholms Glasshus, Fryst, Snö and Kungsholmens Glassfabrik HB are some of the great ice cream places I found in the city. Marrakech flavour at Glasshus and Mango at Fryst are my favourite.

Play Boardgames

I was never into board games and had only played Catan, Mafia and some other card and party games. Thanks to the board-gaming culture in Stockholm and playing with friends here I’ve discovered some really nice strategy, abstract, role-playing and diplomacy games.

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, you must check out Dragons Lair in Kungsholmen. They have drop-in board game nights on Tuesdays which you can join. You can always try a new game and meet new friends. They also have a huge collection of games and merchandise around it. Some of my favourites are Neuroshima Hex, Star Wars: RebellionJaipur, Battle for RokuganPandemic, Welcome to the Dungeon, and Secret Hitler.

Go out for Brunch

Though Stockholm has all sorts of cuisines eating out can be expensive. But it is good to treat oneself on a lazy Sunday afternoon with some nice food and try something different every time.  There are plenty of blogs and articles which can help you discover good restaurants. I rely on Google maps and Foodora to find new and cheap places. A few of my favourites are Rolling Street Food, La Neta, Sarvana Bhavan and Greasy Spoon

Skiing, Ice skating and other winter sports

Like everyone says, the best way to beat winters is to keep fit. I am hoping to get out of the house on weekends and play sports that I’ve never tried before.  I am very keen to try skiing and ice skating this season. I’ve seen the skating rinks near Kungsträdgården and Vasaparken, where I intend spending my Sunday mornings. I also know about skiing at Hammarbybacken. I’d probably be taking some skiing lessons there.

I hope this helps in making your winter weekends fun. I’d be glad to hear what you did this winter and if you have any good tips for me.

Written by: Akanksha Srivastava

Hi I am Akanksha. After living and travelling to multiple cities and villages in India, I’ve recently moved to Stockholm. Backpacking across Europe, discovering cities and nature (especially Sweden’s Allemansrätt) convinced me to make this big move. Though I am still trying to find my feet in this city, I am glad to be discovering new stuff and things to do. Food, technology, motorbikes, the fast pace at start-ups and sunshine always keeps me ticking. If you are ever looking for a fika-buddy or a movie-buddy, feel free to shout out!

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