1 August, 2017

Follow your passion!


I moved to Stockholm at the beginning of March with my partner, who had gotten a job with Spotify. Though I’d googled around for jobs before arriving, I didn’t find much, but luckily, I was here for only 2 weeks before I found an internship.

Sadly, that internship came to an end – probably at the worst time since June/July is when most Swedes take their month long holiday. Suddenly I had a lot of spare time, and though of course I was still sending countless emails to companies a day, I decided (and was pushed by my partner) to turn my passion for food into a little earner.

From April to September, every weekend, Hornstull (the most western point of Södermalm) becomes home to a market that sells food, clothes and other things you might typically find at a market. As it turns out, renting a stall is not too expensive, and there isn’t a whole lot of admin, so I thought why not. I booked my stall, spent 2 days baking non-stop, and last Sunday, took my 108 cupcakes down to Hornstull. It was a successful day! Especially considering the 2 hours of torrential rain!

Of course it’s hard finding a job in a new country, especially if you don’t know the language. Believe me, I’ve been trying. But if you’ve got the time, and there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, do it! You’ve nothing to lose, and who knows, you may even be able to forge a career out of it!


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Neelam Varia
Hej, I'm Neelam and I recently moved to Stockholm from London. I really love writing about food, events, restaurants and pop-ups, both professionally and on my personal blog ( You’ll find me spending my spare time with an IPA at a music festival somewhere across Europe, baking my own cupcakes or planning my own restaurant!