9 January, 2016

Free entry at Sweden’s state owned museums


Good news for all curious minds. Sweden introduces free entry at 18 state owned museums, starting on the first of February 2016. The intention is to make culture more accessible for everyone.

– We do this to open up our cultural heritage. We own this treasures together and to make them accessible for everyone is important step, says the Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kunke to Dagens Nyheter.

A similar reform was introduced by the Social Democrats ten years ago. It proved to have a positive effect on the number of visitors in general – not just at the museums covered by the reform. However, the fees were reintroduced by the centre-right Alliance government in 2006.

Why visit a museum?

A museum is place that gathers stories and objects from our past. It tells the story of how we become who we are today. It is a place that fuels our curiosity and increases our knowledge. Visiting a museum is at its best like looking at the sky a cloudless night – it takes your breath away for a short moment and you suddenly realize the magnitude of being alive.

Here you will find the list of all museums that offer free entry. Enjoy!

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