30 September, 2017

3 steps to get 100 kr off on your rent every month

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Here is one truth about living in Sweden – rent is expensive, especially if you want to live near downtown. And the second-hand market can be full of scams. But…

What if you could get 100 kr discount EVERY month in a contract with a trustworthy intermediary? Myplejs helps you rent a home for a longer period in a simple and secure way. Plus, they are offering a special deal for Newbies only – don’t miss it! Get your exclusive discount in 3 steps  😉

1. Set up your preferences

Go to My Plejs website (page Find a Place) and describe yourself as a tenant and what you’re looking for.


2. Register as a Newbie

Scrolling down on the same page, fill the ‘Contact Information’ form. Write NEWBIE in front of your first name to secure your discount. Click on ‘Registrate’ after you are done.

3. Find a place and done!

Look for a place you like. Once you sign the contract, your Newbie discount will be featured! Just remember to enter the code NEWBIE when you register (as explained above).

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