12 December, 2018

Jobbsprånget gave Ghenwa a job meeting her academic qualifications

The match should be easy. Swedish companies are in need of skilled workers. And skilled newcomers are in need of employers. Yet, the match is not always easy to make. The lack of a professional network and Swedish language skills often create a barrier for newcomers on the Swedish labour market.

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This is why the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences has launched a four month long intern program for newcomers with a degree in in engineering, science, business or finance, which gives the intern a possibility to gather professional experience, build a network and improve their Swedish.

When Ghenwa Naffouje came to Sweden from Syria she did so with an MBA and no less than 15 years of work experience from a Syrian telecom company. She had studied civil engineering at the Al Baath University in Homs, made her diploma degree in Economics and Social Planning in Damascus and finalized her studies with an MBA at the University Autonoma of Barcelona. Yet she didn´t speak Swedish and she had no professional network to reach out to. The leap into the Swedish labour market seemed overwhelming.

At the same time Fredric Stany, standardization manager at the Swedish Standards Institute, SIS in Stockholm was talking to his colleagues about the skills, competence and value newcomers could bring to Swedish companies when the thought hit them: wouldn´t it be good if they could take in an intern? Through Jobbsprånget they found Ghenwa.

Ghenwa, what has been the best about interning through Jobbsprånget?

– Jobbsprånget gave me hope to find a job, in spite of the fact that I didn’t speak Swedish.

What was your biggest concern about participating in the project?

– I was worried that the project might not be serious or effective.

Did your worries come true?

– Absolutely not, my worries didn´t come true. I did an internship with the Swedish Standards Institute for four months. The company and the people working at SIS were great. I tried to do my very best in each task. That was my way to say, thank you to Sweden, Jobbsprånget, SIS and Fredric Stany.

Would you recommend other newcomers to participate in Jobbsprånget?

Absolutely yes. I recommend newcomers not to waste this precious opportunity to find a suitable job for their qualifications and experiences.

The Swedish Standards Institute, SIS is a member-based, non-profit association specialised in national and international standards. Fredric Stany is standardization manager at SIS and has been in charge of their participation Jobbsprånget.

Why did you decide to take in an intern through Jobbsprånget?

– We see a great potential to promote a fast introduction into the Swedish labour market for newcomers. At the same time, it is an important opportunity for SIS to benefit from the candidates´ unique competence and their perspectives. It brings important value to our organisation.

How did you proceed once you decided to take part?

– We had internal discussions and it was quite easy to find areas of work that could be suitable for our candidate. In this case, within the field of smart industry, there is a need of analysis work to be done in order for us to take initiatives to a more pro-active dialogue with the Swedish industry. We started with one person in my group. It was very positive and it also influenced other managers at SIS to follow.

What influence did you as an employer have over the choice of candidate?

– The list of candidates was brought to us through the Jobbsprånget portal. We had close to 50 applicants. We picked out 4 candidates for interview and decided to choose two of them. The process was similar to normal procedures when you hire people.

What has been the best with participating in Jobbsprånget?

– Integrating Ghenwa into our team was valuable for my staff and me. Her competence and unique experiences promotes the collective intelligence of the group and in the long run, it contributes to better decisions.

What was your biggest concern about participating in the project?

– The language was a concern. How create the best possible conditions for Ghenwa to learn Swedish and at the same time make sure that she is involved in the discussions.

How would you assess Ghenwas possibilities to employment at your firm or any other relevant firm in Sweden?

– Good. The challenge is the language. And this opportunity gives very good conditions to learn Swedish in a way that may be hard to do otherwise.

Would you recommend other companies to participate in Jobbsprånget?

– Definitely yes!

Ghenwa was offered an employment at SIS after her internship with Jobbsprånget. For her, Jobbsprånget was the key to a job meeting her qualifications and a speedy entry to working life in Sweden.

Do not miss your chance to apply!

The application is open July 16th – August 16th 2019.

Learn more about Jobbsprånget here or visit their website for more information.

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