31 July, 2018

Gothenburg – my 5 favourite places

Summer is here and the entire country seems to have slowed down and gotten into vacation mode. Many like to escape the country in search of warmer and sunnier places, but this year, that’s not necessary as the Swedish summer has brought us endless beautiful sunny days. This is the perfect opportunity to travel within Sweden and get to know other places. I can make a small contribution and tell you about my favourite places in Gothenburg, where I live.

Skansen Kronan

I’ll start with the obvious: Gothenburg’s city centre. There’s a lot to do and see in the centre. Very well described in most guidebooks. Do walk around and get lost in the cozy streets of Haga, walk up and down Avenyn, have fun in Liseberg, feel the artistic atmosphere of Majorna or eat and have a drink at Linnégatan. My favourite spot in the city is, however, Skansen Kronan, a fortress from the 17th century that offers a splendid view over Gothenburg.

How to get there. 

Walk! – It’s right in the heart of Haga. It requires some energy to climb all the way up, but it’s well worth the effort.



An old shipyard industry area that has been renovated into one of the most vibrant and modern neighbourhoods of Gothenburg. It’s right by the river, across the city centre and the 84m crane used for shipbuilding is still there, like a trademark. Eriksberg is perfect for an afternoon walk or fika in one of its cafes.

How to get there

Bicycle – Cycle by Majorna and cross the river through Älvsborgsbron bridge and turn right afterward. On the way back, cycle through Eriksberg and cross the river through Götaälvbron. This is one of my favourite bicycle rides in the city.

Ferry – take the ferry from Stenpiren or Lilla Bommen, both in the centre, or from Klippan, near Majorna.

Bus – number 16

Delsjönområdet nature reserve

Skatås motionsspår with different routes marked with colours

Skatås marked trails

I started by writing just Delsjön but then I understood that I actually like the whole area. Delsjönområdet is a significantly large nature reserve not far from the city, with a lot of green, forest and lakes. One can go there to walk or run on the trails (there’s a lot to choose from, marked or not), swim or paddle in the lakes, or simply lay on the beach by the water. I have done them all and I don’t get enough of it.


How to get there

It’s a large area so it depends on what and where you want to go.

Bicycle – Cycle past Liseberg towards Skatås (better to have a map with you).

Tram – number 5, get off at Topelsgatan and then walk 15 min to Stora Delsjön (lake) or get off at Welandergatan and walk 10 min. to Skatås motioncentrum, for the trails.

Bus – number 50, get off at Kallebäck. From there is a 10 min walk to Stora Delsjön.


Gunnebo area

Another green and pleasant area not far from Gothenburg, featuring the Rådasjön lake, several walking paths and the Palace of Gunnebo (more like a big gorgeous manor house) and its beautiful baroque gardens. The palace can be visited and behind it there’s a shop and a lovely vegetable garden that belongs to the restaurant that’s beside it, making it the perfect spot for a well-spent afternoon.

Gunnebo Slott and its gardens


How to get there

Bicycle – Cycle towards Mönldal, south of Gotheburg and then head east (again, better to bring a map).

Bus – number 751 and 753 take you to near the lake. From there is about 10-20 min walk to the gardens.



Askim and Fiskebäck, both located by the sea, were formerly inhabited by fishermen and are nowadays charming neighbourhoods of Gothenburg. I like to cycle around and explore the area. I enjoy watching the boats in the marinas, observe the beautiful villas and have a picnic by the sea overlooking the small islands that populate the water. When it’s warm, one can also bathe or paddle in the sea.

How to get there

Bicycle – This is highly recommended as it is a fairly large area and you get to see more. Head southwest from Gotheburg and bring a map for the details.

Bus – number 82 or Rosa X go to Askim. Numbers 90 and 97 go to Fiskebäck.


Come and have a good time in Gothenburg!

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Sara Costa
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