1 September, 2018

Gothenburg’s islands

جزر غوتنبرغ

Gothenburg’s archipelago is – like the one in Stockholm – quite unique, and just beautiful to see. All the islands, sticking together in a net of beautiful landscapes, are breathtaking. Both the northern and the southern islands are inhabited, and their residents seem to live like in heaven. They happen to live the cotton candied dream that the ‘Swedenlovers’ in Germany always had wished (and still wish) for. And the best about the islands is that you can visit them all. But where to start?

Best start with one island each, from the North and from the South archipelago. While all the islands are great, two of them have really impressed me the most. 


Hönö is the most northern island in the Gothenburg archipelago. The inhabited area is rather small but the natural reserve boasts with life. You will experience its beauty as soon as you reach the harbour: red wooden houses and many boats. Head to the west, and start walking through green growing meadows (with sheep!). Follow up the western coast and enjoy the view of the ocean. Head to the very north while taking photos of the small streams and lakes. And just take your time for seeing all the flora and especially the fauna. Here is the perfect place to have fika in the wild.


At Styrsö, it’s time for having fika in a cafe. The first one awaits you right at the Harbour Bratte. You’ll find another one at Tången. Take your time and stroll around the island before you go back.  Start on the east coast and just enjoy breathing in the sea air. Head to the south for a glimpse of the natural reserve of Vrångö island. Walk up the western coast and admire all the red wooden houses and also the church. Do not forget to head inland, for a fantastic 380-degree view of the southern archipelago.

The next stop should probably be Vrångö, the most southern island. However, any island boasts flora and fauna, houses and boats. All of them are worth a visit, and you will probably want to stay there forever. Could you imagine living on an island?

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Lara Siebert
Hejsan! I am Lara, a German Newbie to Sweden and a recent business studies and German graduate from Mannheim University. Since my semester abroad in Växjö nearly two years ago, Sweden did not let me go, as I always wanted to come back. And now, I finally will: having a bachelor’s degree in my pocket and a bucket list filled with adventures, my first stop will be a three months lasting internship in Gothenburg. As much as I am looking forward to gathering experiences in working life, I am also excited about exploring this great city with all its culture, nature and people. I hope you enjoy my impressions as much as I do. Vi hörs!

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