5 November, 2017

The Great Swedish Outdoors – Get Exploring

Sweden is a truly beautiful country, and exploring the Swedish outdoors is made so easy for people, and yet it remains unspoilt, wild, and rugged.  One of the reasons we moved here, was to be part of the way Swede’s experience their outdoors and nature, even through their daily routine. 

Over on my blog Mamma’s School I am passionate about the benefits of being in the great outdoors, and developing a connection with nature.  It is important for many reasons, for both us humans and nature.

Here in Sweden access is so easy, there are no excuses really not to be out there exploring the great Swedish outdoors.  There are many ways outdoor exploring is made easy for everyone to do:

Photograph: Sonia Cave


Here in Sweden, there is this fantastic thing called “allemansrätten”:  this is the right of public access to roam freely almost anywhere in the countryside.

There are a few responsibilities that come with this; you take care of nature and wildlife, respect landowners and others enjoying the countryside, respect the land and leave no trace you have been there, don’t disturb and don’t destroy.  It is a very rare concept, allowing you to enjoy the Swedish outdoors in its full glory.  We have taken advantage of this by doing lots of hiking, and even taking the children for a wild camping experience.

Photograph: Sonia Cave

Good Trails and Facilities

When we first moved here, I picked up this fantastic guide from our local tourist office.  Inside are around 50 detailed walking areas, showing trails, toilets (of the non flushing variety), fire pits to cook on, and lots of other good information. It has been a bible for us when we’ve been exploring our local area and getting to know it.

Generally when you arrive at your destination’s car park, you have also got a map of the area, showing the same facilities. This has been invaluable to helping us explore with young children. The provision of cooking areas in nature encourages you to be able to enjoy the outdoors even more and learn new skills, whilst enabling you do it responsibly….fire pits and toilets are helping to protect the environment from our impact.

Photograph: Sonia Cave

Photograph: Sonia Cave

Part of Daily Life

Being in the Swedish outdoors is part of daily life here.  My three children are often found in the woods next to the school with their class, doing their learning in nature. Fritids (the after school care) takes them off into the woods, or to play parks, or even sledging in the winter.

There is a steady stream of people power walking, running, or cycling, past our house all day, every day.  The outdoors is a very important part of living in Sweden….and the weather is no excuse either.  Just make sure you are wearing the right clothing, or provide the right clothing for your children at school (and lots of it!!  They will get wet and dirty!).

Photograph: Sonia Cave

Photograph: Sonia Cace

9 Ways To Enjoy The Great Swedish Outdoors

  1. Grill on the beach with friends on a summer’s day out
  2. Hike – use one of the many hiking trails around
  3. Use archipelago boats to explore an archipelago in the summer months
  4. Grill at the sledging slope with friends on a winter’s day out
  5. Take your bikes out for a long bike ride
  6. Have a sunrise or sunset picnic…we do this a lot 🙂
  7. Go wild berry picking in the woods – they are delicious!
  8. Try “wild” camping
  9. Try mushroom foraging – but make sure you know what is safe and what isn’t!

Photograph: Sonia Cave

Photograph: Sonia Cave

There is so much more I have written about this topic at Mamma’s School blog, so take a look if I’ve piqued your interest.

Also, our Instagram tells the story of our adventures in pictures, so if you like looking at photos of beautiful Sweden, head over and take a look.

Finally I want to leave you with one last thought that you need to remember when you are enjoying the outdoors; “take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints” – Chief Seattle

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Written by Sonia Cave

I’m Sonia, Mamma to three (our little lady, 9, and our twin mini men, 5). With Dadda, we’re on our dream adventure having moved from the UK to Sweden in October 2016. We’re happiest in the outdoors. We like playing in nature, climbing trees, and cooking in the great outdoors. We moved to Sweden to bring our children up the Scandinavian way, and to enjoy all things Swedish, especially their ethos of living. You can follow our adventures over on the the blog Mammas School

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Really interesting and informative reading and some lovely photos.


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