23 October, 2018

Health and fertility in Sweden


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Sweden is well known for its internationally renowned health care system and comparatively high level of public health. But personal health can never be taken for granted. Here we will take a closer look at what you can do to maintain your own health and long term fertility.

According to the latest statistics from the Swedish Public Health Authority, the Swedish life expectancy is rising and more and more people consider their own general health to be above average. But there are areas of concern. According to the fertility clinic InviMed, one in five couples are experiencing problems when it comes to conceiving naturally. The Swedish private interest group Riksförbundet ofrivillig barnlöshet is actively spreading awareness of the issue, which is affects a substantial part of the Swedish population.

How to maintain general and reproductive health

Maintaining health requires both public and individual effort and while we sometimes feel that there’s not much we, as individuals, can do, there are still many ways to take control of our health. Several studies have established a connection between general health and fertility. Most people will become naturally pregnant within a year, and half will become so within six months. But there are ways to increase these numbers.

Focus on a healthy lifestyle

There are no secret ways to a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining weight through proper diet and regular exercise is probably the single most important factor. But in recent times, it has become increasingly more apparent that the ability to manage sleep and stress correlates to both health and fertility. If you’re unsure on how to maintain this sort of lifestyle, a doctor, dietitian or personal trainer can do wonders for you.

Become aware of your body

This might seem like a somewhat non-specific advice. But the human body has a tendency to go through periods. Sometimes, exercise doesn’t feel right and the body will periodically be more fertile. For women, ovulation offers a window of conception. These periods can be tracked by the health of a simple calendar, or through practical apps. Do not try to work against the periods. Accept them as a natural part of life.

Boost your system

Even if you’re perfectly healthy, there are ways to further boost your general health and also increase your fertility. If you’re on medication, consult your doctor to make sure they’re not affecting your fertility. Folic acid has also been proven to have a positive effect on the ability to conceive. When in doubt, a multivitamin supplement is a good place to start if you want to make sure that your body has lots to work with.

Don’t be afraid to reach out

There’s no shame in experiencing fertility issues. Most people will have periods of infertility and others will have to take effective measures. Rest assured that you’re not alone and that pretty much most people will be experiencing these issues at some point in their lives. Don’t hesitate contacting a clinic or private practitioner. Postponing problems seldom solve anything.

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