No one wants to get sick but sometimes we need to be in touch with the health care system one way or another. Here we have collected information about all different aspects of the health care in Sweden.
The Swedish Health System
The Swedish health system is extensive and there is a lot for both newbies and swedes to keep track of in case you get sick.
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Sexual & Reproductive Health
Sexual and reproductive health care has high priority in Sweden and the right to planned parenthood has long been unquestioned.
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Dental Care
Dental care, as important as it might be, is not covered in the same way as other medical treatments in Sweden.
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Cost & Fees
Healthcare in Sweden is largely financed trough taxes and therfore affordable and accessible for all residents.
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Funeral Arrangements
Death is an unavoidable aspect of life and it can be tricky to know what to do. This guide gives you a brief overview.
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