The Swedish Health System

Healthcare in Sweden is largely tax funded and therefore accessible and affordable for most Swedes and Newbies. This section gives you an overview on how the Swedish healthcare works, how it’s organised and what your rights and duties are.


By law you must warn and call for help in case of emergency. Here you find out what to do if an emergency should happen.

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Health centre

When you get sick you start by visiting the local health centre – vårdcentralen, as it is the starting point for most medical treatments.

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Specialist Treatment & Referrals

If you need to see a specialist you will generally need a referral. The easiest way to get a referral is to visit a health centre.

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Free Choice of Care

Sweden has free choice of care – fritt vårdval. This means that you are free to go to any health centre you want.

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Health Care Guarantee

The Swedish health care guarantee – vårdgarantin, grants you the right to specialist treatment within 90 days.

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How to buy prescription medicines

Pharmacies sell both non-prescription and prescription medicines both online and in physical shops around Sweden. 

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