Health care costs – What applies to you?

health care costs

Healthcare is accessible for most residents in Sweden. Newbies must have a residence permit and a personal number to receive healthcare on the same conditions as Swedes.

However, newbies who lack a residence permit (e.g. tourists, EU citizens, asylum seekers, refugees, hidden) also have legal right to Swedish healthcare.

Asylum seekers, refugees and hidden people

Asylum seekers, refugees and hidden and undocumented migrants are entitled to:

  • emergency care
  • contraceptive counseling
  • pregnancy care
  • maternity care
  • abortion care
  • emergency dental care
  • examination and treatment of sexually transmited infections covered by Smittskyddslagen

Note: this applies to refugees, hidden and undocumented migrants in Sweden – not just asylum seekers.

Health check-up upon arrival

Asylum seekers are offered a free health check-up upon arrival. Hidden and undocumented immigrants are offered the same check-up if they seek treatment.

What do adult asylum seeker, refugees and hidden pay for healthcare in Sweden?

Healthcare (with or without a referral) costs 50 SEK for asylum seekers, refugees, and hidden and undocumented migrants. Asylum seekers with a LMA card should bring their card to the doctor’s visit.

Asylum seekers, hidden and undocumented children

Children under 18 years of age receive healthcare and dental care on the same terms and conditions as Swedish children.

Note: healthcare is free of charge for children under 18 years of age in most county councils around Sweden.

EU Citizens

The European Health Insurance Card, EHIC entitles EU citizens to necessary medical treatment in Sweden, at the same cost and conditions as Swedish citizens. EU citizens who wish to stay more than one year in Sweden should register with the Swedish Tax Agency – Skatteverket. More on theEuropean Health Insurance Card here.


Tourists are recommended to sign a health insurance before visiting Sweden. A health insurance is also a requirement to receive a visa to Sweden. Learn more about visas here.

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