5 December, 2015

Quiz – how much do you know about Swedish Advent?

December is here which means Advent is upon us, and few celebrate it as much as Swedes. And not only do they abide by many traditional Advent customs but they eat and they drink and they light candles – all to help battle the darkness of December.

So the question is – how much do you know about Advent and the celebrations during the month of December? Be our guest – test your luck.

Julieta Spoerer
I was born in Sweden but it was a fluke that I ended up here. My mother was a political refugee and had all of 20 minutes to decide which country to go to once she could no longer stay in her native Chile.

Thanks to her I am parts Swede and parts South American and believe in the good that can come out of people moving beyond borders.

I work with words and digital marketing for a living and run the company Caligraph Communication. You can find out about it at

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